About METO Merchandising Solutions

We at Denbro provideMETO - a division of CheckPoint current METO Merchandising Solutions customers with superior customer service by filling customer orders faster due to increased accurate inventory levels and speeding up repair times. We will introduce new METO products for our customers to improve your customer’s shopping experience.

METO Merchandising Solutions brings a variety of innovative and highly cost effective merchandising solutions to the global retail market, covering the areas of in-store communication and promotion, shelf management and shopping convenience. Over the past 50 years, METO invented multiple merchandising solutions that are today commonly used in any retail environment. The company aims today to offer solutions that are easy to handle and install, thereby meeting the requirements of today’s fast moving retail landscape where time is money. The METO brand equals quality and durability, inspiring the industry to reach the consumer in-store in the most effective way. Checkpoint Systems acquired METO AG (Germany) in 1999.

METO Merchandising Solutions pricing tools offer many advantages for the retail user including a lightweight ergonomic design to help reduce repetitive stress injuries. METO tools offer easy to change ink rollers and label rolls.

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