Turn-O-Matic Classic

Reduce the length of queues and ensure fair service with Turn-O-Matic Classic customer flow management from METO. Studies show that customers who take a number from the system feel that they are being treated more fairly and rate the standard of service higher. The fact that they do not have to spend their time waiting at the counter leaves them feeling less stressed. Up to 88% of customers use the waiting time to shop for other items until their number appears on the display.

Turn-O-Matic Classic Stand

The TURN-O-MATIC® Classic system consists of a number of components that you can combine to suit your needs:

  • Number Indicator
  • Ticket Dispenser
  • Push Buttons to change the displayed number
  • Keypad
  • Floor stand or counter stand for Dispenser
  • Signal lamp
  • Software to monitor activities


Benefits for your staff too

TURN-O-MATIC is not only an advantage to your customers. Your staff as well will benefit from the investment.

Being asked about the advantages of TURN-O-MATIC the following is stated:

  • Stress is reduced
  • We work better as a team
  • Customer contact is more positive
  • Customers are more civilized
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