Meto ProLine Hand Labeling Solutions

In today’s fast moving society, information is a fast moving asset. Applying information directly to products makes them more attractive to the consumer. Meto has a tradition of innovation and flexibility, developing just the right label for your business.

ProLine Label Dispensers

ProLine S

1 printing line with 5 to 10 characters used, in combination with labels 22×12 and 26x12mm.

ProLine L

2 printing lines with 14 and 24 characters, used in combination with labels 32x19mm.

ProLine XXL

2 extra large printing lines with 14 to 28 characters, used in combination with labels 36×28 and 36x35mm.

ProLine M

2 small printing lines with 11 to 20 characters, used in combination with labels 22×16 and 26x16mm.

ProLine XL

2 printing lines with 7 giant to 33 standard characters, used in combination with labels 29x28mm.

ProLine Dispensers

All models are also available as dispensers without printhead

Just the right label for your business

  • Any shape, size and colour
  • Add your logo, text or pictogram
  • Adhesive developed for your special application: from standard, removable or extra strong to deep-freeze, delicate, textile, outdoor use adhesive and application on greasy or irregular surfaces
  • Add security cuts in any shape to prevent fraud
  • Any label material, from paper to plastic