Precise labelling. Reliable identification. That’s what the METO brand, by Checkpoint, stands for. The company is a global leader for integrated system solutions along the entire supply chain, from anti- theft through the tracing, identification and labelling of goods to sales promotion.

METO offers labelling solutions designed specially for industry to promote smooth processes. They ensure quick and reliable product verification at all times: in production, quality control, stock-keeping and distribution.

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Warehouse orientation

Industry Warehouse OrientationWhich shelf contains which products? What’s where? METO InfoLine, frame systems or adhesive profiles provide quick orientation. No ceiling is too high, no shelf too long, no wall too broad.

With our systems, labelling can be integrated into any possible space, entirely to your specifications. Made from aluminium or plastic, these products are fast and easy to install.

Product labelling

DispenserWhat are the special characteristics of a particular product? What are its dimensions, which material was used, and when was the product manufactured? Questions typical for production are easy to answer, thanks to labelling solutions by METO. We will find the right answer for special cases in your processes, too.

Dispense ready-made labels in various formats or produce individual 2 and 4-inch labels with our range of universal dispensers and compact direct thermal printers.

Quality assurance

kegIs a product really flawless, or does it have certain defects? Who carried out which material checks, and when? Not only the question of quality plays a decisive role; so, too, does the exact documentation of the control. METO labelling solutions are there to help.

Best-by date/expiry date

When was a product manufactured, what is its shelf life, and by when must it be used? In the food industry in particular, this is key information that calls for the utmost in reliability. This is where METO labelling solutions offer you ideal opportunities.

Package labelling

How can storage information be reliably attached to a pallet regardless of humidity and temperature? Thanks to the multitude of materials and adhesives used on our adhesive labels, we have the right solution for every eventuality. METO labels are just as adhesive at sub-zero temperatures as they are in conditions of heat or moisture.

Such as our transparent PP-film labels for attaching shipping documents, that reliably adhere to poly- styrene packaging, but can also be removed without leaving any residue. Or paper labels for attaching information permanently to shipping boxes or pallets.

METO hand-labellers and dispensers

Dispenser2Our range comprises models with 5 to 36 digits in 1 to 3 printing lines, dispensers and labellers with consecutive numbering or exchangeable texts for the clear identification and labelling of products in industry. We can also produce sets of printer tapes tailored to your requirements.

METO labels

Whether for use in production, quality control, storage management, packaging or transport: METO labels are always the right choice. We offer a unique choice of formats, colours, materials and adhesives. And we will gladly produce special labels to your specifications.