HappyOrNot – Direct Customer Feedback

The Direct Way to Customer Feedback

Measure customer satisfaction wherever and whenever you wish – monitor and optimise service quality.

Swift and Spontaneous

HappyOrNot - Measure customer satisfaction wherever and whenever you wish – monitor and optimise service quality

A specific question for the customer, four self- explanatory smiley buttons for spontaneous replies, a wireless device at the desired spot and all the results swiftly evaluated – the simple way to measure customer satisfaction!

HappyOrNot is a mobile service device to promote lasting customer loyalty which can be deployed wherever customers come into contact with a product, an offer, a service or a new item. Asking customers a readily comprehensive question and offering them a straightforward, anonymous means of responding directly yields important information on buying behaviour. A crucial aspect is the fact that HappyOrNot evaluates this data on a daily basis and transmits the results to the client at a defined time, enabling swift action to be taken as necessary.

This provides chain store companies in particular with an effective means of avoiding declines in sales, losses of customers, uncertainty or dissatisfaction while offering an ideal instrument to support change processes or market launches. At the same time, customers feel that they are being taken seriously and that their custom and opinions are appreciated.

This establishes closer ties with customers and improves customer satisfaction, leading in the long term to stable or improved sales.

Who benefits from HappyOrNot?

HappyOrNot is suitable for all areas of business in which it is important to know customers’ opinions. As an ideal customer barometer, it remains in direct contact with customers throughout the opening hours of chain stores, retail outlets, service companies or catering establishments, its wireless design enabling it to be deployed wherever appropriate. There’s no faster way of gathering and evaluating customers’ views.