Turn-O-Matic Queueing Systems

Avoid queues and ensure fair service at your sales counters using the Turn-O-Matic Queueing Systems. Customers who take a number feel like they are being treated more fairly, have a more positive impression of the service and can use the time they save for impulse purchases.

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Modern Queue Management

Queue management increases the value for both the customer and the retail market itself. From initial contact to final service delivery, it helps retailers adopt a customer focused approach that begins as soon as the shopper enters a store.

For today’s customers speed and convenience is paramount, shoppers that are faced with long queues at peak times are more likely to abandon their purchase and visit an alternative retail shop or purchase online. By improving customer queuing and waiting times, retailers are able to provide a smooth and stress free service to its customers. This reduces the risk of purchase abandonment, enhances employee utilization and generates positive perceptions of the store to ensure repeat business. Great customer experience creates loyalty!

The use of Turn-O-Matic Queueing Systems helps convert customer queuing or waiting time to extended shopping time that also encourages browsing and increases the opportunity for additional purchases, whilst eliminating customer frustration.