Adhesive A4

Weather-proof, water-removable or permanent – the Meto adhesives come in 11 variants to guarantee optimum adhesion on a broad variety of substrates.

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Available variants include:

Adhesive 1Removable, partly gummed
Adhesive 1.1Removable, fully gummed
Adhesive 2Permanent Standard
Adhesive 2.2Permanent Steri, special gum for sterilisation labels
Adhesive 3Permanent Soft, textile application
(for light fabrics and lining materials)
Adhesive 4Permanent Plus, stronger adhesive effect than Adhesive 2
Adhesive 5Permanent Cool, for cooling and deep- freeze applications
Adhesive 6Permanent Special, water-removable
Adhesive 8Permanent Super, water-resistant, weather-proof, strong adhesive effect (for plastic labels)
Adhesive 9Permanent Food, for direct contact with slightly greasy foods
Adhesive 9.1Permanent Food, for direct contact with slightly greasy or waxed foods